Raven Wrote:My husband has


Raven Wrote:

My husband has Studio 8; has had good results with Roxio Easy Creator 7.5 in the past.

WinXP Pro SP1 could not load the AV/DV Drivers; back when he first bought Studio 8 and I was installing everything. I downloaded an updated Driver from Pinnacle’s website at the time; which was fine.

I just had to reformat and reload everything in this system; updating to SP2. Now, I am faced with the problem of no AV/DV Driver update being available from Pinnacle; as they have discontinued all Support and Downloads for Studio 8 ( this should be against the law, in my opinion, grrrrr…… )

Does anyone know where I can get an updated, workable AV/DV Driver?


I just installed Studio 8 and it worked on XP.

Now I am facing the same challenge on Vista as Studio 8 is not compatible with Vista. I think it is time to junk my Blue Box and buy a coponent to dv converter of some sort. Anyone have any suggestions? Please feel free to email me at nlukmani@yahoo.com. Thanks.


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