Rarely does a single mic s


Rarely does a single mic solution offer the desired audio quality. PZM mics, those units that sit central on a flat surface, utilizing the surface as a “sort of” speaker, rarely (as Wolcott points out) provide decent quality and are notorious for picking up every pin click, cufflink rattle, fingernail clacking, paper rustling … you get the idea.

The ultimate solution, again as Wolcott notes, is to mic each individually when and where at all possible, use a sound person to ride the mixer, and utilize quality microphones for acquisition. Close groups can be hardwired, while people spread out around a room will require wireless rigs.

It has been my experience that I can get better quality sound for less investment by going with hardwired and wireless lavaliere mic systems than trying to utilize shotgun mic systems of high enough quality to ensure the quality of audio I desire in most interview situations. You’ll likely spend way more for the level of shotgun mic quality needed to match what those hardwired and wireless mic systems will get you.

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