RAM,I’ll agree with you



I’ll agree with you there, that the early years are always interesting to look back on.

I can still remember the first wedding I filmed. I did it for free, just to have one for a demo reel. I came across the tape for that wedding not too long ago, and I was hard pressed to find anything as professional as what I have done lately. It was still better than an ametuer video, but there was so much that I did that left me screaming at the TV "NO! NO! Transition! Watch the head room! Cut, not fade!"

Admittedly, everyone has to start someplace, and if this agency starts filming their own videos today, a few years (maybe even months if they do it regularly) down the road they’ll release videos that just pop and make you go "wow". But if they want that for this upcoming video, maybe a solution would be to outsource the video, and use the remainin budget to get their own camera and editing computer to get started on. By the next time they want a video, they can spend a little bit on a couple more cameras, and go from there.

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