Ralck, if you can spend on


Ralck, if you can spend only $200 to $250 don’t expect to get a good fluid head tripod. Unless you’re lucky to find a bargain, of course. The first tripod I bought was a “Velbon Videomate Mini-Pro Fluid Panhead” for about $70. Like you,I didn’t have the money. I got so much shake from that tripod. The best way to use it was to switch on the camera, lock both pan and tilt heads and don’t touch the camera until you were ready to switch off. The next tripod I bought was a Libec for about $500. That was a significant improvement but the head did not have adjustment for pan and drag. So the head was always too “free.” Finally I purchased a Vinten Pro Touch for $900. I am happy with it. No shakes and there is adjustment for pan and drag. Don’t buy a tripod with a centre column. Buy a tripod with the spreader on the floor. I believe you will save yourself a lot of grief and some money too if you put out the money for a good tripod from the start. That is, if you are aiming to be a pro.

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