[quote]video for video’s s


[quote]video for video’s sake…[/quote]

lol, there are thousands of videos on youtube ranging from people suffocating themselves to shooting outlawed fireworks up their shorts,am I missing something in making a video that actually has something useful to someone?

… or didyou mean like this:

My viewer base is mostly gear heads who learn visually. Like myself many of them could read something in a book or a web page a dozen times and not remember it but show them once and they’ll remember it for life. The forum readers asked for tech videos and I responded. Right now it is mainly an experiment I started with simple things that were readily available and am moving onto more complicated things as I go. When it starts getting into installing timing belts, aligning ring and pinion gears, welding techniques, properly setting up measuring equipment for rebuilding an engine etc.. there are many more aspects that can be learned through watching than can be from reading.

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