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[quote="Tom Scratch"]Hi Broken Auteurs:
I’m hearing about BROKEN on one of my media news services: Creative Planet Communities (formerly Television Broadcast Two-Minute Drill).
It seems you guys are hot on the marketing side as well as the production side. It DOES take both to get anywhere. Congratuatiions on your success so far. And to think that Videomaker Forum was a little piece of your marketing plan (was it a plan or unplanned…) Hope you make it into some of the really big festivals. Remember though, shorts are "second string" at the Majors, as I heard a shorts impresario (i.e., local shorts programmer) recently say. So, taking my cue from Mr. Ebert, I’m looking forward to your feature length debut. You may have to get seriously sleep deprived, but it will be worth it. Distributers aren’t paying a kazillion for shorts, but features, even quirky one’s (Blair Witch!) can do very well on those rare occasions when it all comes together. You could be the rare one…
The following is news about you from CPC:
6:32 pm – Alex Ferrari – Director, "B R O K E N"
Alex Ferrari is the director of B R O K E N – an action/thriller short film call. Broken was produced for just US$8000 and contains over 100 VisualFX shots. We’ll talk with Alex about how he can produce an effects movie on that budget and yet have Roger Ebert (Film Critic Chicago SunTimes/Ebert & Ropper) say:

BROKEN is essentially a demonstration of the mastery of horror imagery and techniques…effective and professional. Looking forward to BROKEN: The Feature."

BROKEN has been accepted into over 20 international Film Festivals and there’s a :50 sec trailer online. If the movie matches the trailer then it is an exceptional piece of work for the price.

Broken has received strong interest from the independent film press and we’ll talk with Alex about he he, and his producer Jorge F. Rodriguez put in the quality while keeping the budget down.

The producers have been generous in showing how the effects were done via mini web documentaries. (End quote)

Continued SUCCESS!
REGARDS … TOM 8) πŸ˜€ 8)[/quote]

Thanks so much for the kind words man!!!! We are working hard to make it!! Here is the latest:

"BROKEN" Feature Film VFX Test Clip w/ Breakdown

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to give you an update on "B R O K E N" the feature film. We have finished the screenplay and it is in the hands of our producers. We are currently in development on the visual effects, conceptual art, etc for the flix. Wish us luck.

We wanted to share one of our vfx tests. It is rough but we did do a breakdown on how it was done for you to see the process.
Let us know what you think.

Check it out:

For the for clip FULL click here: http://www.whatisbroken.com/bk_vfx_test.html

Also, I will be shooting another short film in the coming months while we are waiting for BROKEN to go into full drive. I haven’t shot a frame since BROKEN and I am itching BAD!! More details to come…

Thanks again for all the support, the emails, and good wishes. The BROKEN: Special Edition DVD seems to have been very well receieved and according to all your emails and posts is helping a lot of filmmakers and storytellers. I wish you all the best of luck in your future projects!!!
Make it happen!

Keep your eye on the prize :thumbsup:

Official My Space Page – http://www.myspace.com/broken2006


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