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My second problem is the the H2 Zoom audio recording, that I had connected to the mixer’s rec out connection using an RCA cable, parts of it sound distorted to me… I even had the damn thing set on “Limited 1 (general) which is suppose to prevent this. Anyways is there anything I can do to prevent this in the future? I don’t have a lot of control over the soundengineer whos on the mixer. He’s pretty much going to make it as loud as possible for everyone.Especiallythe main voice.”

Without knowing what the mixer was, or what outputs you used to take the signal from it,the problem is likely to be that the mixer was outputting a +4 pro level signal, and you are trying to record to a -10 level recorder. It will overload the recorder’s inputs.

To avoid this, try and find some -10 line outputs from the mixer. Aux sends, (if there are any spares) may be ok,or it may have a monitor output that sends a lower level signal. Headphone/ control room outs are also a possbility. If there aren’t any you will need to find some way of padding the signal.

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