Quote:I’ve got this


[quote]I've got this collection of several thousands of photos that are scattered across several hard drives.

Working with the photos I created folders, copied and pasted all over drives.

I've got duplications everywhere it seems.

Basically, I think I need to get all the photos into some kind of organization.

It would probably be best to consolidate all the photos of one size (the size of the original photo organize) as a first step. Then have separation by types, then client, then client categories. (my thoughts)

The numbering system from the cameras may have duplicate numbers so I'll probably have to do a visual/manual look see on all duplicate files.

Yet I need these files to all stack into one folder and then separate from there I guess.

Maybe there is a best way to do this, which I've ignored up to now.

When you don't have alot of pictures it's not an issue.

Now a couple clients are wanting me to provide pictures, which are buried somewhere in the pile.

I've already spent hours trying to come up with some photos and no good results.

So, I thought to post and lean on the experience of others.

There is probably a software that will do most of the redundant stuff.

Anyway, I don't want to limit the posting to what my idea is to do this.

I would appreciate suggestions.[/quote]


Interesting question. I am wondering the same questions.


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