[quote="dan51978"]I’ve heard of Maya and Lightwave…what would I have to know in order to use them?[/quote]

As with all 3D packages, you need to know modeling, animation, lighting particle systems and so on and so forth. Well you don’t have to specifically know those stuff. Concentrate on an area and go from there. Yoiu may have a knack for modeling objects or doing particle simulations. Check out the CG Society website:


If you have never done 3D before I would suggest that you start out with Blender:


Blender is free and you can do some great quality stuff with it. The CG society website has a Blender subforum where you can ask or search for answers. You can also google for tutorials pertaining to that program and any other 3D program. 3D animations is not the easiest. Scifi 3D has some excellent models. Although I don’t think they have an interior of the Jedi council room but they do have interiors and exteriors of the Imperial Star Destroyer.

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