[quote="compusolver"]Uh, hold up there – I’ve got to disagree with Adam πŸ˜€

The Beachtek DXA-4 accepts mini plug input from your 100LT.

It has two XLR inputs, left and right – but the right may instead be used by the Aux input which accepts your 100LT’s mini plug – so don’t waste money on another adapter.

As for getting a shotgun setup so that it won’t pickup camera noise – here’s what I got:

NRG NR59111
59111 Accessory Tri-Mount, Adapts Single Shoe Mount to Accept 3 Shoe Mount Accessories 24.95

Azden AZSMH1
SMH-1 Shock Mount for Shotgun Microphones 29.95

This worked for me, but I was a bit chapped that they sold me a shotgun mic with useless shock mount and not only did they not tell me the shock mount was worthless (the one that came with the mic – the one I ordered above worked great – but they didn’t even show an upgrade option)

That tri-mount adapter will also let you hang two other accessories, like an on-cam light, etc.

I have an Azden shotgun mic. Not Hollywood quality, I guess, but adequate for events.

The Azden 100LT works great for weddings.[/quote]

Can the azden 100LT be used without the beachtek and if so, what would I exactly need too plug it into my VX2100.

Thanks Mike

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