[quote="compusolver"]Not sure about your model, but my Sony VX2100 uses NP-F970 batteries that claim to go eight or nine hours. I know they go more than five, even using the LCD. Check eBay for batteries (that’s where I get all mine).

Also, if you’ll have access to a car battery (or better yet, a car), WalMart and other places sell AC/DC converters for about forty dollars (USD) that plug into a cigarette lighter and let you plug your AC device (in this case, your battery charger) into the other end.

For ease of use on our sailboat, I bought an adapter that lets you plug four devices into a single cigar lighter – but then I cut off the male end and wired it directly to a marine battery then mounted the part with the female adapters into the dash.[/quote]

Problem is that those batterys are very expensive. The people hiring me won’t pay for that and chances are I’ll never use them again. They sell the ones you speak of where I work and even with my discount they are more than 50 (roughly $100 i think). That is really going to be my last resort.

I already have an adapter that came with the camcorder that means I can plug it directly in but we won’t be near the car after we leave it on the first day.

As for wiring things to batteries I would probably end up blowing myself up!

Thank you though. I guess I’m going to have to find an electrical expert or find some money somewhere heh.


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