[quote="compusolver"]You say you researched the JVC GZ-MG20U EVERIO, but with just a few Googling clicks, I see that it is noted for poor image quality and produces files that cannot be properly edited (MPEG-2 VOB )

MPEG-2 is a compressed file type. When you try to edit and recompress, the image quality suffers dramatically. You might (and I stress "might") be ok for 320×240 web video, but definitely not video DVDs.

By the way, I don’t think Studio 10 will even import MPEG-2 (at least, earlier versions wouldn’t).

If possible, trade this camera back for one that uses miniDV tapes, and keep enjoying video![/quote]

i can’t trade it back, but i can probably just ebay it for about the same as i paid.

as for mpeg-2
[quote="pinnacle"] Capture, import and export of HDV, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and DivX files, Dolby Digital 2 channel audio and DVD Titles and burning of S-VCD and DVDs require free product activation via Internet at the first use. [/quote]
from the site

thanks for your opinion, i will runs some tests when it gets here.

my ballpark is UNDER $500. and that kinda limits me.

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