[quote="compusolver"]A sixty minute conference? Don’t edit it at all – sell it as a sleep aid! X-D

Have you seen that commercial where the guy’s on the phone to his surgeon, holding a knife and receiving instructions on where to begin the incision on himself? That’s sort of the position you’re in.

My advice would be to call your local wedding videographer (because he’ll be cheaper than a standard video production company). It’ll probably cost you a hundred or so, but it will be worth it.

If you’re determined to DIY, you’ll need a firewire cable and probably some help from a knowledgable video person who can be there with you.[/quote]

Hi, Compusolver, thank you very much for your reply, appreciate.

May I ask? I should edit the video before burn to DVD or vice versa?
After burning to DVD, could I still edit the video?
Final question, do you mean it is very difficult to edit a video and it is impossible for a newbie like me?
Hope to hear you, please. Please forgive me for my stupidness.

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