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[quote="Chapman Photography"]We are!! I use Vegas 😯 PP can’t do anything vegas can’t even if you can do live switching big deal. look at the adobe forums and you’ll see people complain, it crashes, why can’t I do this, why can’t I do that you don’t see that on the vegas forums. Why, vegas dose not crash as often. Good luck with pp. or Avid I’m sticking with a winner![/quote]
I certanly dont thing that you can call Vegas a winner compared to Avid. Like it or not Avid IS the program that most films and prime time shows are edited on. And sorry to tell you this but Final cut pro is the only thing Avid is worried about. Personally I like premiere best. Although since I am at the mercy of what my employer wants to use I use what I am given. Which is Avid or Final Cut in my experience. Vegas is a great program it has a unique interface and some inovative features. However it is by no means a contender in many markets. Prosumers yes. High end pros not really.

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