Quote from EarlC: “My play


Quote from EarlC: “My playback is the size of a commemorative postage stamp, using Mac OSX, so that may be the problem with viewing and my associated comments. I am most definitely NOT getting 5×8 or anything near it. Can’t really judge resolution going by the size playback I am able to get.”

Looks like my audience is going to be limited to those who use Windows Media player or can otherwise receive wmv files showing videos in an 5 x 8 inch screen size. I recorded the videos in ACVHD and converted them directly to wmv9 using TMPGEnc, version 4, upping the bit rate 60% to avoid excessive frame jumping. I’m not very technically minded and was happy to get the high resolution that I did. It’s much better than when I converted standard MPEG2 files to wmv.

A bulletin board with links to videographers who make real estate videos doesn’t necessarily reflect on the quality of their work since I could put a link on my bulletin board to Fred Light’s website or any other videographer’s website. What I want to do is open the field up to videographers like myself who are simply trying to get started in the real estate videography business. The other Real Estate Board on the home page of The Real Estate Video Show is open for videographers to list and show videos of properties being rented or sold in their neighborhood or area just as I am doing in mine. Think of it as a grass-roots enterprise keeping in mind the old real estate adage of location, location, location.

And don’t worry about the money. Just start shooting short exterior videos of stores and retail space for rent in your neighborhood, uploading them to a website and putting a link to them in your area on my Real Estate Board. I don’t care if you live in New York State or Nevada. It’s a big country and there is plenty of room for you to grow on The Real Estate Video Show.

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