py_antlers Wrote:I have a


py_antlers Wrote:

I have a canon xl1s and the ma100 microphone adapter. I currently have an audio-technica Pro 88W/R wirelss mic system, but I am having trouble getting it hooked up to my xl1s. I would like to use xlr hook ups, but the wireless mic receiver has a 2.5mm wire adapter. When I attach it to the xlr adapter I purchased I can only get sound from the wireless mic, and I need to have sound from my camera mic and the wireless mic.(ie 4 channel 12 bit sound) I have the camera set-up for this type of audio, but I can’t find and adapter to split the wireless mic into two xlr connections. sorry so long, but I need help.


hello py-antlers,

here is a link for you:


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