putting the footage on dvd


putting the footage on dvd is not advisable until you edit them. mpg2 is a highly compressed stream that is not edit friendly without significant quality loss. You need to first capture the footage to the computer in windows avi format and then edit them and then encode to dvd. If your 8mm camera has video output, then you would need to hook it up to the computer (firewire is best), through a analog to digital converter or if the digital 8 has firewire you can connect straight to the computer. bear in mind that when you start capturing this footage, 1 hour of digital video avi is 13 gigabytes. You should capture this footage to a hard drive that does not contain the operating system, not to a partition, but a different physical drive as to ensure that you don’t have complications from system operations. I would suggest for editing Sony Vegas (studio version is about $100) mainly because Vegas does not need a monster system to run on, or maybe Premier’s "lite version". They should be sufficient for your needs, and then again after you have edited the footage down, then you can burn it to dvd.

Good Luck.


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