Put all your OS and softwa


Put all your OS and software on one hard drive.

Put all your data (project files, music, video, photos, etc.) on AT LEAST one other hard drive. I put music and photos on one, and video on another one.

Back up all the data (but not OS files) to the external on a regular basis. You can simply copy and paste. I wrote a simple batch file that runs daily and backs up; that verifies the file attributes as it copies them to make sure it’s correct. Google XCOPY to see more about that, or ask me any questions.

I swap out my backup drive once a month and store one in a safe deposit box in case of fire, etc. I figure that if I lose my home backup AND the safe deposit copy, I’ve got bigger things to worry about…

I’m anxious to see what others do, so please don’t let me deter others from joining in on this thread.

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