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The other members laid it out straight. Ultimately, if you plan on getting serious about this kind of work you’ll need both. On medium or large jobs that keep me on location for a while, I take a editing capable laptop. One with enough horsepower to capture footage if needed and do a rough cut in the field. When I get back to base, it’s no problem to transfer everything over to a dedicated Editing computer with not only enough horsepower to do the job, but large capacity drives for storage and containing stock materials to be used in the project.

Starting out, you’ll have to decide on how much work you’re doing on the move versus how much you’ll be doing at ‘home’. If you’re moving around a lot, a laptop will be the tool required. Be advised though, using a laptop as your primary editor will put considerable wear and tear on the harddrive. Make sure the manufacturer has a good warranty on the laptop, particularly the harddrive. Back up your work in a paranoid manner because I guarantee you your laptop harddrive will fail when you least need it to!

If you have a more stable environment to edit, then absolutely get a Desktop. As you can afford, you can expand on it’s capabilities with dual monitors, faster CPU’s, Graphics Cards, RAM, internal/external Harddrives and much more.

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