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Good to read that you’re writing your own music to your videos. There seems to be a lot that a guitarist can do with regards to layering sounds, etc., especially with the help of midi and guitar-based synthesizers. It seems that almost any instrument can becoming a midi-controller for sequenced-based musical arrangements. With regards to drum machines, Alesis makes fine ones. I have an old one somewhere “retired” in my closet somewhere. LOL! Since about 2006 or so, I’ve exclusively used computer-based instrumental libraries. 10+ years ago, I had a whole rack of tone generators and keyboards. ALL of them are now “retired”. In fact, computers are getting so “strong” that composer/sequencer can use one computer for large orchestral compositions/arrangements. Just a few years ago, I used to have a three-computer set-up to spread the work (the CPU power and RAM) for those larger orchestral arrangements. Ain’t technology just cool?!?!? LOL!

I’m always learning too. An important part of learning in the field of music (composition) is listening to other stuff. This seems to be especially important for film composers. I enjoy listening to other people’s original compositions, especially if they are more “modern” in nature. This is in addition to listening to jazz, pop, easy listening, classical, etc. I could do more in the listening department, though. If you’re interested, I can direct you to a couple of composer-focused bulletin boards that show-cases original compositions. There are some GREAT talent to be found at these places.

Anyways, thank you for the warm welcome. πŸ™‚ I’ve been a “member” to Videomaker for several months. I hope to learn more video-related stuff here. I’m sure that I’ll be asking lots of questions (although I tend to be more of a “reader” than a “poster”). In the meanwhile, if you have videos/music to share, I would be interested in viewing/listening to them.

Cheers. . . πŸ™‚

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