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I wrote an upcoming article dealing with sports cameras. I like the GoPros however, have you given any thought to a Point-n-Shoot? Now before anyone flips out, I’ve been using a Canon SD1400IS for a year now as a crashcam to back up my Pro JVC rig. Not only does it have a zoom so I can do wide and tight shots, it has a surprising amount of exposure controls and even color profiles like a ‘flat’ setting which works well when I want to color-grade in post. Mine is 720p which I like but the latest gen is 1080p and I believe has 60p for slowmo. Above all else, it’s got a pretty durable body (dropped it once, minimal scratch) and unlike the GoPro, I can view the scene before shooting and review the shot after on location. Cost half the price of the GP and it mounts on standard Photo and video mounts. Only drawback if I want a waterproof housing I have to buy one separate and it costs more than the camera. Except for that, I can mount it to nearly anything and not sweat whether it gets wrecked. Unless it gets run over by something significantly heavy, odds are good my SDHC card will survive. Something to think about anyway.

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