Pseudo – The Juicer is a f


Pseudo – The Juicer is a front end to DJ products but not a photo editor like PhotoShop. You can control certain aspects of the fonts – like characters, size, positioning and have a lot of control with layers, textures, colors, etc…. but it’s really a different paradigm.

Rex – If you want 3D control of fonts (or other graphics) I would recommend Zaxwerks Pro-Animator ( – It’s pricey but my opinion is you wont find an easier to use 3D text animation solution. This one is on my “get it someday” list. Digital Juice has had it for 50% off as a partner special and probably will again. Write Dave Hebel and ask.

And for both of you – Look at the Digital Juice website – They have a lot of DJ Fonts video tutorials – They’re under the DJTV & Training section.

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