“Protect video from piracy


“Protect video from piracy” is somebody joking???

I live in sunny Vanuatu which is a small western pacific nation.

We have no piracy control of ANY description.

ALL computer software is available for a few bucks at the Chinese and other outlets (and NO don’t ask, I’m leaving soon.).

Most movies are similarly available, as are most music CDs and DVDs.

Our small TV broadcast company aired Avatar one evening not long after its debut…everyone loved it!!!

We do have an alternative…..a local stringband (locally made music) brought out a CD which they sold to their mates and friends. within a couple of weeks it appeared in one particular shop whose owner ended up with a broken leg and a few bruises….I didn’t follow the ‘saga’

With 90% unemployment what would you expect?

I’ve been here a few years so I’m blase – especially when the problem is worldwide and almost unstoppable!


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