promos should tell where y


promos should tell where you are. the web is a good start but if you’re local i’d go see you. so, i think promos should tell location.

one thing inoticed about WWF shows (I still call it that)is their camera work. ever notice how the camera angles switch in the middle ofa good shot? you rarely see a clothesline from start to finish from the same camera angle. they usually switch cameras on impact. you have some of that in the matches i watched. great start to making this something special.

but it needs some flash. it reminds me of 80’s wrestling. instead of the web address in plain white text, how about some photoshop and a nice colorful logo? think WWF attitude era, ECW with its barbed wire logos or TNA with thechain and chain link fence look. something like that would dress it up and help you reach a broader audience, i’d bet. move the logo in and out with some sound effects and add some flashiness.

do you have a “gene okerlund” characterwho could introduce the clips? or maybe we could see the announcers? you could set up a stationary camera on them and mix in some of their talking. rather than have the clips “just start” and “just end,” how about having them fade in to an announcer as they make their way to the ring?

I’m not suggesting that youre-invent the wheel here–just take some of the format from the big guys (WWF, etc.) and incorporate your own style of it into this production. you havea great starting point but it’s time to take it to the next level! πŸ™‚

just my thoughts.

so, where are these shows, anyway?

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