Professional video is a se


Professional video is a service, just like prostitution. Some are street hacks that make great money, some work for houses and get a chance to expand their skill and some work independently with a strong client list. But video pros & professional ladies of the night are essentially the bitch and whipping boy for somebody who can’t tell good work from bad work. Spread through the forums are comments about how dreadful local news looks, but they are putting out a certain quantity of work every day, day in, day out.

Yeah, I generally only tell people I’m a video producer when I have a program in distribution. Cause if you say you make TV, people are only interested so long as there’s a chance they may have or might be able to see your show. Since I don’t have a series in production right now, I just tell people I do free lance work and ask what they think of “Swingtown.”

I’m not sure anything I just said has a point. But thanks to reading.

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