Probably not everyday with


Probably not everyday with that setup. In fact some might disagree with me that defragging everyday is the right thing. But I use Studio 9 at my job and after capturing and editing about 4 long videos we started having major problems with the software dropping frames during capture. We went through a pretty long process of elimination to try and find out what the cause could be. We were willing to swap hardware, software or whatever we had to in order fix the problem, when someone walked by my desk and said, hey if you’re editing a lot of video you should defrag very often. Well they were right. It fixed the problem immediately. So instead of dropping a ton of money into Vegas or different hardware we spent 30 bucks on shareware degragging software. It did the trick and I haven’t had a single problem with Studio 9 since.

Again, some people will disagree and say that Vegas is superior but my opinion if based on turn around time and software learning curve. I’d love to take six months to become a pro with Vegas but, hey I’d also like to take six months off and go on vacation!

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