Pretty video, Robert… pa

AvatarJennifer O’Rourke

Pretty video, Robert… pacing was nice and your edits to the beat were good. Watch the horizon a little better on the wide shots, it looks like you’re tipping the camera to the right a bit. (A real common problem many shooters have.)

I would change the last shot to something that had no people in it… it appeared to me like you were zooming into a closeup of the flowers but the people walking by made me think maybe you were going to show them, instead. Remember to have a purpose with a shot that zooms in – are you going to that flower, or that person or that light…? Decide before you hit record then follow through with it.

I think it was very nicely done over all. The music had a nice lilting touch to the beauty of the garden – both the video and music made me want to go there.

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