Pretend I’m on the north pole


Pretend I'm on the north pole in some remote outpost and you're the only one who can save me….


Last night I decided to try Corel VideoStudio to capture/import.  I know the program better and it was easier to navigate.  So….I can import, but I did run into slowness and it hung on one attempt. Seems pretty clearly to be a capacity/performance issue on my PC.  This at least is a problem I can understand and address.  Today was going to set an external hard drive and see if it helps.  


ps.  The camera is a HVR HD 1000U so it does record HDV.  And it feels cruel this set up, you're correct.  I'm still not clear what the PP capture issue is/was but I will solve this puzzle eventually….as God is my witness!!  (Or I will give up and buy an expensive more recently manufactured camera sooner rather than later….one or the other).

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