Presumably you’ll be using


Presumably you’ll be using the virtual studios? If so, then a second camera is pretty vital. For lighting just two basic positions – I’d also suggest maybe some wired mics too – remember an expensive radio system is nearly as reliable as an xlr-xlr microphone cable!

The comms system is quite good value – does it come with headsets too? It’s a good start – but I suspect you also need to consider the infrastructure – to hang the lights, carry the cables, etc. Is the trickster going in a separate room? Monitors – video and audio, mic boxes, sound treatment, cabling and all the other gizmos need effort. The trickster can of course be used as a self-op production system, but it’s much nicer with somebody working it who can switch screens adjust eq and colours and all the other features. The experts from Newtek do great self-op displays but it’s damn hard to be that comfy with the system.

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