Premiere should do it. Wha


Premiere should do it. What version do you have? I forget what version began supporting MTS native file formats.

I have heard that Pinnacle is good, and cheap. (do you have a PC or Mac?)

I recently downloaded AVS Video Converter 6, but didn’t buy it. It seems to be a pretty good program. But I’m not sure what format you would convert AVCHD to and not lose resolution. There might be something, though. It supports a lot of formats and such.

I have the HS100, but my computer isn’t really fast enough. I did convert the video using HD Writer to MPEG2 video, which worked, even though my computer isn’t even a dual core, which surprised me. It does have a bit of trouble smoothly playing MTS HD files, though, and even told me one time that my computer didn’t have enough processing power to do something, but I forget what that was. Might have been editing.

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