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Portfolio, Portfolio, Portfolio…

Lots of people ‘talk the talk’, but if you can slap a DVD into someone’s hand that shows them your creative ability, you WILL have an edge. Way better than simply telling people you can and hoping that’s enough.

You could maybe produce a simple ‘How to…’ video relating to a hobby or interest you have. Or a few of them. They don’t need to be long. Even a well made video showing how to boil an egg is a tool you can use to get your foot in a door!

Armed with this type of thing, I would take you much more seriously than someone walking into my office asking for a job armed with nothing but words. Give me a well produced DVD I can put on while you’re there and you WILL impress me. No doubt. No guarantees, obviously, but to show me, rather than to tell me, would be what grabs my attention as a prospective employer.

As Ken said, be prepared to start on the bottom rung of the ladder. Having an edge to help you get onto it is what matters at this stage.

Best of luck to you – go show ’em what you can do… 🙂

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