PL, You want mutiple drive



You want mutiple drives on your computer primarily to distribute the workload your cpu will be doing particularly when it comes to graphics/nle work. Your C: drive is the ‘administrator’ as it contains all of your working programs, OS and various updates (not in that order.) The last thing you want to have your C: drive trying run all of its required processes all while doing some serious lifting during a video editing project. You can allocate different drives to do different things like have one drive specifically for images and graphic work, another for your motion graphic/dvd/web authoring projects, another for audio and another purely for video storage. Many folks (myself included) take two or more drives and link them together as a RAID array to increase the storage capacity needed for video editing.

Since you’re getting an HP, you’ll be using windows (I recommend Vista Business 64-bit for NLE workstations.) In the Control Panel under the Administrative tools you’ll find the disk management controls which will help you allocate your harddrives to your specifications. If you’ve never done this before, get some knowledgeable help! If you want to know more about your options concerning the bennie’s / drawbacks about PC computer setups go to the ‘Build or Not to Build’ thread. Many of those questions have already been answered, but feel free to ask anyway.

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