Please, please don’t go ou


Please, please don’t go out shooting a bunch of random video then expect to be able to edit into something. Using the tips from Don & Bruce, plan out what sort of show you would like to see. Watch as many examples of travel shows to get an idea of what you think makes a good show. Then deconstruct the program to figure out what was shot before the trip, on the trip and after the trip. Identify the critical shots for making the program you’re hoping to end up with. Then make yourself index cards for each day of the trip. listing the shots you think you’ll need. You should be shooting both primary video & cut-aways every day for continuity. It isn’t hard. Shoot a minute or two of each driver while they’re on the road. Shoot video of the landscape out your window. Shoot people enjoying the scenery, not just the scenery. It is also very handy to shoot a video diary each morning and/or evening that details the day’s plans and what happened on the road that day.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard folks say they’ll shoot a bunch of video on the trip and figure out the editing later. And it turns out they don’t have any of the shots they need to tell a story. And if you don’t have a story, you’ll have a hard time getting viewers. On the other hand, the folks that went out with a rough plan and a list of essential shots made videos of near award winning quality. Be a planner and make videos that don’t start out with an apology for not being exactly what you’d hoped for. After all, as you said, this trip isn’t gong to be something you’re likely to do again.

Good luck with your production. And I hope you won’t need luck to get all of your relevant footage.

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