Please do not work for fre


Please do not work for free, this hurts all of us.

Start simple, jumping head first into doing weddings, and to boot doing it for free is a bad idea. First of all, the number one rule of weddings, is that you can never, ever in a million years, please a bride or her mother no matter if it is the best work you have ever done. I would steer well clear of them for at least a year, that and childrens birthday partys. and when you start doing them hire a lawyer to write up libility forms and get libility insurance.

Best place to start is localevents as a freelancer. look in the paper or craigslist for an event localy and go there with your camra. Depending on the event you may or may not need the permission of the people putting it on. If it is a paided event you do and if it is free to the public you do not. record the event, do interviews of people there then use it to build your demo reel. The first event I did this at I was approched by 2 people who bought rights to my footage, I didn’t even have to advertise. Don’t forget to ask for permission and have them sign a release form before you do an interview with anyone.

Another way to build your reel is to get a friend to either act or run the camera for you to record a demo. In this video you are showing off the quality of your camera, sound, and your technique. Interduce yourself and what services you offer. Do not metion pay or money in this video or you will find yourself redoing it when your expences goes up. plus you may be short changing yourself.

I know you are just starting out and are willing to work cheap or maybe for free to build a reel as many do. but remember, after you make that reel someday you will want to start making money and if all new comers are out there working for free, you may find yourself going hungry. Don’t sell yourself short, there’s plenty of places where you can film and build that demo without doing it for free.

The folks above are right, advertisment in local papers are a waste of time and money. Word of mouth, A good web site, and a good Demo DVD is the best way to go.

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