PK, one advantage with the


PK, one advantage with the camera’s would be that you could record the sermon in progressive scan, rather than interlace, and you could, if you wanted to, take the switcher out of the mix and have both camera’s record to memory card and then edit later (and in progressive, whereas S-Video will leave you in interlace). And if the recording is for your church’s website, it’ll look a lot cleaner and sharper in progressive rather than trying to de-interlace. Also I would recommend getting a Panasonic AG-HVX200. With the 200 you would have the option of recording 1080i30p, 1080i24p, 720p60, 720p30, 720p24, 480p60, 480p30, 480p24 right to P2 card, or you can also record 480i60p, 480i30p and 480i24p to Mini-DV cassette. Those are all the progressive recordings the camera can make (the camera’s about 10 years old), and you can transfer the P2 file by USB to your computer, or you can connect it by FireWire and import that way, and the Mini-DV cassettes, even though they are progressive, can be transferred by any Mini-DV camcorder or deck in progressive, as the tapes store the 480p in a progressive-segmented-frame (same as the 1080i24/30p on the P2 card) that interlace camcorders can playback.

As for an HD switcher, if your camera’s are still 480i, then it’ll do very little to improve the signal, alas you are working in 480i.

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