PJ, I don’t know that the


PJ, I don’t know that the video played directly from the timeline is any faster ( I have a killer computer – and they both work about the same though). The selling point of the video cards though was to speed up renders. Even this is a bit misleading as most of the newer i7 processors can render about as fast as the GPU rendering option from my experience. If your computer is a few years old though, you “might” get a nice little rendering boost. I still make sure I check for “CPU only” rendering though as my .m2ts files created that way don’t go buggy on playback directly from the computer. I had issues with this and it just may be my computer. I have written threads in the past about it. Vegas 9 EVERY .m2ts created went funky 2-5 minutes into playing it. That didn’t mean they were completely useless though, they still work just fine when compiled into a blu-ray disc and played on a BD player or through power DVD ONCE MOUNTED (not as a stand alone file), or even loaded back in Vegas or DVDA – just a strange phenomenon I experience. I am sure it is the way the files are created because they go buggy on all computers when played back starting at the same second and each file is a bit different.

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