pinups4 Wrote:1. don’t scr


pinups4 Wrote:

1. don’t screw around with PC. Go Mac with Final Cut Pro!

2. Don’t skimp on ram or hard drive (or processors) – look at about 8k minimum for the edit system – PLUS DECKS

3. Buy at least the HVX 200 (Panasonic HD palmcorder) or Sony Z1 – anything SD bought today will be obsolete too fast. 1 good camera beats 2 mediocre cameras…but 2 good ones are always better (as are 3, or 4)

4. save $$ when you have to to LEAVE ROOM FOR MARKETING

I know a guy who started with 1 (broadcast) camera rig 20 years ago and runs a $10MM operation now. It can be done starting small.

Dont get sucked into the whole MAC/PC thing both platforms are equally good at video editing. Only morons buy into those Apple Commercials. I have run video editing on A Mac & PC for over 6 years and they both do an equally impressive job. PC’s are usually cheaper though.

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