Pinn: I’ve used a couple



I’ve used a couple of Sampson microphones, but not the one you mention. As microphone technology has gotten better and cheaper over the past few years, it may be worth a try. Sampson has been around since at least the mid 80s producing mostly Wireless mic systems. (my first wireless I bought back in 1984 was a Sampson Concert Series, great mic!). The only hardwired Sampson mics I have used were for stage PA and they were an acceptable balance of quality and price (in other words, they sounded ok, but were cheap as dirt!) Nowadays though, the new $250 large diaphram studio mics sound ALMOST as good as the $3000 Neuman U-87 their design is based on!

(I did say ALMOST!)

Let us know how it turns out. We all love a good bargain when it really works!!

Best for the new year!


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