Pinnacle 9+ is my fav. No


Pinnacle 9+ is my fav. Not difficult to learn – you wont get scared off.
Adobe premiere is very good. A lot to learn and to a beginner, not as easy to use, however you can do so much more and with all the intergrated programs from adobe, you can create yor own stars wars epic.
Only catch – plenty of cash needed, not just for the programs, but for the upgrades you will want to make things faster.
Oh a word of advice, once you have completed the editing and are about to create your masterpiece as a DVD – rendering is required – depending on the size of the project and effects and music – lots of rendering. This takes lots and lots of time. I usually render of a night whilst I am sleeping. When I get up in the morning the master piece is done. Oh yeah, another piece of advice, burn your creation on a DVD RW and check it. If it is okay then create / copy your masterpiece on DVD R.

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