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Phil on tilt Wrote:

Actually, Azden makes a VHF model.

Azden may have multiple receivers (channels) in one box, but it is physically impossible to use more than one wireless mic transmitter per receiver.

Wireless mics range from the very cheap: 25-50 MHz AM units with a range of about ten feet, to the very expensive: Multi-channel FM UHF racks for stage productions.

Somewhere in the middle, there’s us – the prosumers. All wireless mics are analog devices. They are either AM or FM, but nonetheless, analog. If you try to put two transmitters on the same channel, then the AM receiver will give you a hetrodyne squeal, or the FM receiver will randomly switch back and forth to whichever transmitter is strongest at that moment.

The only way to use a single channel for multiple mics is through digital multiplexing, and the equipment would be more expensive than the best stage michrophone racks. Worse, when you go digital, you have to compromise sound quality. (Just look at the crap we put up with on our digital cellphones). The sound pros would ever tolerate that, so while the rest of the world goes digital, wireless mics will still be analog.

Steve Mann

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