Peter John Ross:


Peter John Ross:


I didn't mean to be an asshole 🙂 and I don't think apologies are at all necessary.  It just struck me as a bit contrived. 


I do think that your work here does point to the subtle possibilities of how product placement not only would work but raises the awareness.


Let me also say that I normally wouldn't be as contentious on such a minor thing as this … but …


When I viewed your video and I saw the reaction of the bartender in questioning the type and style of beer, for some odd reason I flashed on the Comte the whatever remarking on the size of Cyrano's nose …  I can only blame my reaction (and inspiration to reply) on Rostand's classic reply. 


Yes, imagine that the little birds are so appreciative as they perch upon it.


It was fun and accept my apologies as well 🙂




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