Peter, I checked the camco


Peter, I checked the camcorder that you mentioned (Canon XA10) and it lists a 64 GB internal flash drive and 2 SDXC card slots. This is a good amount of on-camera storage but I think that you might consider the additionof some off-camera storage for you accumulated video. This could take the formof additional memory cards ($$$)or some sort of computer based hard drives (internal or external). There are other forms of storage for your raw footage to consider- burning to DVD or Blu-ray discs etc. Some sort of redundancy of storage might also be a consideration. Having each video clip saved on two forms of storage might be a good precaution.Hopefully someone that is familiar with shooting in Africa can chime in here with some insight on the location-customs, electical voltage types, travel visas, permits necessary for this work, etc.

As far setting up interviews as a one-man band with one camcorder: lavalier attached to subject andhard wired to camcorder, shoot overinterviewer’s shoulder concentrating on the interviewee. After the interview is finished, film the interviewer restating the questions (make sure to follow thescript of written questions both times). Also film interviewer nodding head or other reactions to answers. Blend this all together with some cutaway shots of something that in relevant in post andvoila!

This sounds like a wonderful oportunity, good luck and keep shooting.

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