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I think that those Panasonic camcorders which record to P2 cards are capable of stop motion. The least expensive P2 camcorder would be the Panasonic HVX200, which has a street price of about $5200.

I just checked the HVX200 brouchure, and it says:
Interval rec: Recording one frame at a time at set intervals (from 2
frames to 10 min), this mode is useful for monitoring and special
ultra-undercranking effects.

It would be very difficult to design a stop-motion camcorder which records to tape. But a camcorder which records to a card has no moving parts, so recording a frame at a time is no big deal. I’ve heard that some recent consumer camcorders can record to some type of memory card. Maybe some of those can do the stop-motion trick.

Ken Hull

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