Personally, when I think o


Personally, when I think of black striping, I think of formalities like setting up a "proper" dinner table complete with five utensils per person, cloth napkins, candelabra, and violinist. Black striping is the "Proper" way to do things, but I’ve discovered that in the grisly, in-your-face world of real life live event videography, things don’t always happen in the "Proper" manner, nor do they need to.

Just as I settle for food on the go, and those pesky artery clogs sold at BK and McDonald’s, sometimes doing things "the right way" is just simply impractical and honestly a waste of time.

Sure, I could spend 10 hours striping, film 10 hours, and then spend 10 hours dumping to tape, but when you add in setup time, that’s nearing into a full work week for what I can do in just about half that time otherwise.

If you must stripe your tapes, the only way to go is a separate deck. Actually, go buy the cheapest MiniDV that you can find for $150 in a pawn shop and use that. That way, when the head does die, it’s inexpensive to replace, and you get another camera to experiment with (albeit a super crappy camera). The other option is to buy tapes that are already striped for you (I’ve seen them online). You pay a lot more, and you’re technically getting a used tape, not to mention the questions about the camera it was recorded on, etc… but the job is done just as quick as it can be shipped to you.

Again, Even with run and gun shooting, I never use striped tape, and I never have a problem. It’s worth considering that perhaps the problem is actually due to a malfunction in your actual camera. I do put a lot of respect into folks who have taken the time to take formal broadcasting training, but like all professions, there’s a right way to do things, and there’s the real way to do ’em.

Take care! πŸ™‚

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