Personally I would not use


Personally I would not use the on camera mic as your audio source. In a club it would be too hard to keep it from clipping and the drums/bass would likely drown out everything else. You will need to check out what kind of equipment the club has first and see how you can hook things up. I would bring a laptop and some kind of USB audio recording interface. It really depends on how you want to record it. If you just want a quick and dirty recording you can output a stereo channel from the mixing board into your recording interface. But if you want to actually remix the recording later it gets quite a bit more complicated.

The USB recording interfaces I’ve used are the Tascam US-122 (newer version is US-122L). It can record 2 channels at the same time so you could have a stereo recording. You would use this one for your quick and dirty recording. It’s actually pretty nice, but can be a pain to setup (on the computer) sometimes.
The USB interface I use currently is the Lexicon Omega. You can record 4 channels at the same time. You could hook it up via direct outputs from the mixing board, or by using aux sends. You would use this if you wanted to remix the recording later.
It’s not likely that you’ll be able to find a USB interface to rent. You’ll be able to rent some mic’s and stuff though, but usually if a club is a decent size, they should be micing everything up there already. It would be smart to check and see what kinds of mics they plan on using for the live sound.

All in all it may be a better idea to use an existing cd recording of the band as the audio and totally discard the live sound. That way all you have to worry about is having 3-4 video cameras setup. Then you can splice clips in where they belong on the sound track and make it look like a sweet music video with a studio recording.

I dunno. I guess we need more info on what is actually possible for you to do and what kind of budget you’re on.

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