Personally, I wish I could


Personally, I wish I could still provide our business services for family. I suppose I still do some, for my most immediate family (wife, parents, etc), but I’ve unfortunately had to enact a strict policy in my business not to offer any "family discounts" anymore.

Essentially, this resulted from a wedding we did late last summer for one of our cousins. She wanted us to do her wedding, and of course, they wanted a family discount. We did practically give away our service, but because the wedding was smack dab in the middle of our busy season, I told them up front that their video would be completed in my spare time, as I had to give my paying clients priority in video editing. Because of this, I told them that their final video might take as much as three or more months to complete, which they were agreed to readily. After all, we were giving them this for literally next to nothing (we pretty much charged them for the video tapes and the hotel stay, since the wedding was a long way out from our home). Anyway, long story short, three months later, I’m getting ready to deliver their DVD’s like I promised, and the Bride’s sister shoots me this nasty email saying how terrible we are, and accusing us of scamming her family out of the money they sent me. Really, this email was bad! The worst part was that I still had two more weeks before I said they would get their video at the latest. Anyway, as a result, we no longer do any discounted service for family. But that’s just me. That was the only complaint I’ve ever received from over 10 years in the video business, and from a family member, no less!

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