Personally I think it’s a job


Personally I think it's a job for a lav. If the official has a book held infront of him, clip it there. The bride's bouquet has been used. Mic the quietest voice (not always the bride!) For the Rode mic to be effective you'll have to be close between the bride and groom and the guests and especially in front of the photgrapher which won't sit well. The lav doesn't have to be wireless, it could go direct to a little recorder like the resonably priced Zoom H2 (which you can put in wedding officals pocket). Excellent sound will make all the difference in the world to the finished product and customer satisfaction – don't under estimate it. If you are looking at doing Weddings as a business then further business will be based on this and subsequent jobs. I think fellow forum contributor Earl once wrote he put (hid) H2's all over the place, on podiums, in flower arrangements…etc.

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