Personally, at 60+ I think


Personally, at 60+ I think it’s GREAT that “kids” are out there with HD cams and Premiere Pro. I think it’s great that we have a sustainable market covering a huge range of video production (not JUST weddings πŸ˜‰ that can appeal to every level, every mindset, every interest and type.

I’ll leave extreme sports to “the kids” and probably even the YouTube Jackass-type producers as well as a host of other productions my mind, body and mood simply no longer reach for, and enjoy the thousands of potential event, personal, small business and corporate gigs available to me in my market area. I still have camera, will travel and I’m prepared to dash out the door in a moment’s notice to cover something a last-minute caller rings my phone about.

I have something you alluded to, WeddingM, that often does, can and will give me an edge over youth and enthusiasm, strength and athletic prowess: I have experience, maturity, knowledge of my tools, aggressiveness, a higher level of professionalism and I am a strong marketer and businessman.

These things come with time but sadly many “kids” never get deep enough into or far enough along to make it. Nor do they always sustain a motivating interest in the business side, they’re in it for the fun and creative outlet.

I’m glad, because with what, 311 million in the U.S., 7 billion worldwide, there’s plenty of people who have no interest in creating watchable, quality, professional video. That’s a HUGE market, my friend and there aren’t enough of us yet to serve it!

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