Peronally, I tend to avoid


Peronally, I tend to avoid the royalty system. If you don’t sell enough copies, it won’t be worth the subject’s time, and if your video sells like hotcakes, you’ll be effectively screwwing yourself.

According to, the median expected salary for an exercise specialist is just a hair under $40,000, or around $18 an hour.

Figure out how many hours of work you’ll use him or her for, pad the amount some to make it worth their time, and lay out the offer. If this person is the central figure of the video and/or you’ll have a very large audience, make the pay higher still.

Trying to track how many copies you sell, and then trying to track everyone down is tough. I would say, figure out the fair value of this person’s services, and offer that amount. It’s worth a shot.

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