“Perhaps I am confused. Ar


“Perhaps I am confused. Are we talking uncompressed, or are we talking raw?”


‘Raw’ footage refers to any film or video footage coming straight out of the camera without compression. It’s an old term used in conjunction with film, standard video and early digital video. Now your HDV and MiniDV video is compressed, just not as much as other formats like MPEG, MP4 and MJPEG.

‘RAW’ video files are shot similar to DV as in ‘frame by frame’ instead of long GOP as in MPEG video. The RAW files are exactly like those shot with a digital still camera at full resolution with no compression. So if your video camera shoots a 12mega pixel image in RAW at 4k that’s around 4096 x 2048, that’s just one frame! Only cameras like the RED ONE, Arriflex D20, and the Dalsa Origin offhand shoot in RAW mode.

BTW, if you wanted to see how the Mk II stacks up against the RED ONE and other top of the line to mid-level cameras, watch the ‘Shootout’ video.

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